9 Items You Shouldn't Store In The Bathroom


Extend the shelf life of medication by storing them in a cool, dry place outside of the bathroom, like a linen closet or kitchen cabinet.

Extra Linens:

Avoid mildew by storing extra linens in a separate space, such as a hallway armoire or spare bedroom dresser.

Backstock Toiletries:

Keep bulk-bought toiletries in a different location to prevent exposure to moisture and dust, ensuring their longevity.


Prevent tarnishing by storing metal jewelry in a dry space like a dresser drawer or jewelry box instead of the bathroom.


Protect electronics from water damage and potential fire hazards by storing them outside of the bathroom in a dry area.

Special Occasion Makeup:

Preserve the quality of makeup by storing it away from humidity and bacteria, opting for a makeup bag or drawer organizer.

Perfume and Nail Polish:

Maintain the potency and quality of fragrances and nail polish by storing them in a dry area like a linen closet or dresser shelf.

Books, Magazines, or Photos:

Prevent mildew and mold by storing reading materials and photos in a dry area away from moisture, such as a living room bookshelf.

Antiques or Art:

Preserve the integrity of vintage decor and family heirlooms by avoiding storage in the bathroom and opting for a climate-controlled space elsewhere.