9 Secret Ingredients Grandma Used in Her Meatloaf

Southwestern and Mexican Flavors

Transform your typical meatloaf night into a fiesta with TACO meatloaf! Watch your family's excitement soar when you infuse it with salsa, kidney beans, corn, and zesty taco seasoning. Serve up slices nestled in tortillas alongside a dollop of guacamole for a meal

Hard Boiled Egg

Instead of topping it with an egg, why not incorporate it inside? Start by spreading your meatloaf blend onto a sheet of plastic wrap, shaping it into an 8×12 rectangle. Position three peeled hard-boiled eggs in the middle

Mashed Potatoes

Traditional meatloaf gets a creamy upgrade in this recipe by incorporating mashed potatoes right into the loaf. Elevate your meatloaf game with each delicious bite of this flavorful twist!

Barbecue Sauce

Feel free to get creative with your meatloaf toppings! Swap out ketchup for barbecue sauce in this mini meatloaf recipe. Need some sauce recommendations? Check out our top picks


Grandmas have a knack for making veggies irresistible, even mushrooms. Incorporating mushrooms into meatloaf not only enhances its flavor but also adds moisture and a delightful texture. You can opt for any variety button, Portobello, shiitake

Tzatziki Sauce

Who says meatloaf needs to be smothered in a sweet, ketchup-based glaze? Shake things up by pairing your meatloaf with a refreshing tzatziki sauce on the side. Take it to the next level by opting for ground lamb to truly capture the authentic flavors of Greek cuisine

Make it Cheesy

Enhance your meatloaf by incorporating your preferred cheese directly into the mix whether it's rich cheddar, zesty pepper jack, or even stretchy string cheese for a deliciously cheesy twist. Alternatively, elevate its presentation by crowning it with crumbled blue cheese


Enhancing your meatloaf with nutritious vegetables isn't merely about boosting its healthiness. These veggies play a crucial role in maintaining moisture, releasing juices as the meatloaf bakes. To further elevate its nutritional profile

Hot Sauce

I hail from a lineage deeply devoted to Buffalo wings, hence there's scarcely a dish I won't embellish with hot sauce! In this culinary adventure, we infuse buffalo sauce into the meat blend and employ it as a tantalizing glaze atop a quirky yet fiery creation