9 Things That Didn't Exist 40 Years Ago

Though timeless, the ease of capturing self-portraits today contrasts sharply with the past. Imagine reminiscing over arm's length photos from younger years.


A lifesaver for chaotic mornings, these thaw-and-eat sandwiches debuted in 2000, offering a convenient lunchbox option for parents.

Pre-made Sandwiches

Kids sucking on bags of applesauce or fruit purees is a modern sight, a convenience unimaginable in the '70s.

Fruit Pouches

Introduced in 1999, the humble Swiffer forever changed cleaning routines, saving us from constant mopping and lugging buckets of water.


A nursery staple since the 1990s, this diaper disposal system revolutionized baby care, making diaper changes cleaner and more efficient.

Diaper Genies

Once a classroom annoyance, fidget spinners provided an outlet for excess energy, a stark contrast to tapping pencils or throwing paper.

Fidget Spinners

Chipotle, founded in 1993, transformed dining with customizable burritos and tacos, offering a choose-your-own-adventure meal experience.

Healthy-ish Fast-casual Restaurants

Once a cause for punishment, now a photo opportunity; smashing hands into cakes has evolved from misbehavior to cherished childhood memory.

Cake Smashes

Tidy and durable bento boxes have replaced traditional plastic lunch boxes, offering a stylish and practical way to pack meals for kids.

Bento Boxes