The 9 Best Summer Flowers to Bloom in Your Home Garden

Begonia: This is a good plant for your yard if you want lots of colour. These plants with waxy leaves form nice mounds and look great in hedges or mixed in pots. Also, they don't need much care because you don't have to remove the spent flowers to keep them looking nice all summer.

Allium: The bulbs of these strong-stemmed perennials, known as "onion flower," smell like garlic and onions. These dense purple or white balls are tall and perfect for the back of your garden. Also, they make great, contemporary bouquets.

Black-Eyed Susans: What earned Susan such a name? Also called as "Rudbeckia," these blooms are bright yellow to deep orange with variations. These perennials bloom up to 4 feet wide on sturdy stems and are wonderful for mixed presentations.

Bougainvillea: Hardy in Zones 9b and 10, rest of us must wait until garden centres have fiery magenta and purply pink blossoms to provide shocking colour to container plantings. Plant this papery flower near a fence or trellis because it climbs.

Clematis: Queens of Flowering Vines need six hours of light, although some may tolerate more shade. With support, these perennials love to climb arbours, trellises, fences, and columns. For another late-season bloom, clip the vine in half to stimulate reflowering.

Coleus: This is slightly cheating. Coleus technically blossom, but its foliage comes in so many colours it may be termed a full-time blooming. They come in sun- and shade-tolerant varieties, making them our favourites. Plus, they're easy to grow. 

Coneflower: This bee- and butterfly-loving plant, sometimes known as echinacea, makes garden beds appear easy. Keep them around to pollinate your other favourite blooms or attract gorgeous butterflies!

Coreopsis: As you can see from the petals, these bushy daisy plants produce heaps of flowers all season. Regularly deadhead old stems to encourage blooming. These plants are yellow and pink, however garden centres may offer newer kinds in white, salmon, and burgundy.

Dahlia: One of the most popular summer flowers, dahlias come in practically every size and colour. Their sturdy stems make them stunning in bouquets and bulk plantings.