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The 9 Best Washcloths Of 2024

Pottery Barn Hydrocotton Quick-Dry

The Pottery Barn Hydrocotton Organic Quick-Dry Bath Towel, priced at $15 at Pottery Barn, earned a near-perfect score in lab tests for its medium-weight construction suitable for everyday use, fluffy and dense texture, and high durability.

Threshold Quick Dry Ribbed Bath

For a budget-friendly option, the Threshold Quick Dry Ribbed Bath Towel Set at $12 for two towels from Target provides excellent value with a cozy texture, absorbency, and fast dry time.

Boll & Branch Plush 

The Boll & Branch Plush Bath Towel, costing $48, stands out for its high-quality construction, absorbency, and plush texture, although its softness may fade over time.

Frontgate Egyptian Cotton

Frontgate's Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels, available on Frontgate, offer quick drying time and maintain softness and quality over time but are bulkier than other options.

Boll & Branch Waffle Terry

The Boll & Branch Waffle Terry Bath Towel, priced at $49, features a dual-sided design and lightweight yet durable construction, but the waffle weave can take some getting used to.

Crane & Canopy Plush

The Crane & Canopy Plush Towel Bundle, available at Crane & Canopy, is a cozy, absorbent, and durable option, though the towel hook loop is fragile.

Southern Living Turkish Cotton and Modal

The Southern Living Turkish Cotton and Modal Bath Towel, available on, offers a luxurious texture and absorbent construction but has a longer drying time.

Parachute Fouta Stripe 

Parachute Fouta Stripe Towels, priced at $10 at Parachute, are stylish, lightweight, and versatile, though they may show some snags and shedding initially.

Saatva Plush

Saatva Plush Towels, priced at $95, provide a thick, plush, and cozy feel with high absorbency but have a moderate drying time.