This 30-Minute Water Workout Will Tone Up Your Entire Body


Start your pool workout by warming up your body. You can either walk briskly in the pool for 5 minutes or perform high knees for three minutes.

Tricep Dips

This exercise works your entire upper body, including your chest, back, triceps, and shoulders. Place your palms flat on the pool's edge or grab the gutter.

Arm Curls

Stand with your feet slightly apart and arms forming a "T". Tighten your biceps and triceps as you extend your arms out to the sides, then close them to complete one rep.

Leg Curls

Stand with your feet together and hold the edge of the pool with one hand for balance. Perform butt kicks by tapping your butt with your heel, alternating legs for 20 reps.


Squat low enough so that your shoulders are under water, then jump straight up, squeezing your butt as you go. Land in the starting position and repeat for 20 reps.

Leg Lifts

Sit on the edge of the pool with your legs extended and toes pointing toward the bottom. Lift your legs off the water to form a "V" with your body, then lower them back down. 


Lean back against the pool wall, grasping the edge for support. Raise your legs parallel to the pool bottom, then spread them as wide as possible.