Vampires: 7 Bloodthirsty Series to Binge

The Vampire Diaries

You must live under a rock if you ve never heard of The Vampire Diaries. Even if you ve seen the series.

Interview with the Vampire 

Author Anne Rice s iconic story is expanded into a different era. When Lestat comes in contact with Louis, he wants to embark.

True Blood

Iconic vampire writer Charlaine Harris wrote the bloody book series the Sookie Stackhouse series titling it True Blood.

Being Human

Being Human from America and the United Kingdom have been claimed to both be great shows. Live through the eyes of a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire.


As much as Buffy kicks butt in her series, she battles many monsters. While in Angel, he s constantly battling other peculiar creatures.

The Strain 

The Strain, they are nothing of the sort. In this world, vampirism is an infection. Goodweather is directed to investigate an airplane.


Here he is in a classic take with some twists along the way. You ve heard the story plenty.